Mission, Vision, Strategic directions

The National Agrarian Research and Education Center, a non-profit joint-stock company (hereinafter referred to as the Company), was established in accordance with the Decree of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated August 22, 2015 No. 659 “On the establishment of  non-profit joint-stock company National Agrarian Research and Education Center,  to implement  new technologies and knowledge in agro-industrial complex, as well as train and retrain highly skilled specialists qualified for the current labor market.

The sole shareholder of the Company is the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan, represented by the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Kazakhstan.


According to the Charter, the main objectives of the Company are:


- Promotion of innovative development in agro-industrial complex;

- Growth of scientific and human capital potential of the agro-industrial complex to ensure the country's food security, growth of labor productivity, expansion of export potential and competitive advantages of agricultural products;

- Coordinating the integration of Agrarian Science, Education and Production; ensuring involvement of all participants in that process;

- Ensuring the conduct of research and development in the field of agriculture and implementation of scientific and technical developments in production;

- Improvement of Kazakhstani agrarian science and education and integration with the international community;

- promotion of Kazakhstan agricultural research products to world and regional markets;

- creation of an effective system to introduce modern scientific developments and innovative technologies into production;

- creation of a network of regional pilot centers and Extension centers;

- provision of advisory services for the dissemination and transfer of knowledge in the field of agriculture;

- creation and development of the infrastructure of agricultural science and education to meet international standards and ensuring its proper functioning.


In response to the recent message from the President to the people of Kazakhstan in October 5, 2018 and the state program for the development of the agro-industrial sector for 2017–2021, a Development Strategy for 2019–2023 was created (Decision of the Company's Board of Directors of April 29, 2019, Minutes No. 6) to promote innovative development AIC and the integration of domestic agricultural science and education with the international environment.


The company made an analysis of the practice of successful foreign research organizations: INTA (Argentina), INRA (France), EMBRAPA (Brazil). Based on the recommendations of the World Bank coupled with the successes Brazil has achieved over the past 40 years and the country's status as the world's largest exporter of agricultural products, NASEC chose to follow Brazilian development model.

The strategy defines the mission, vision, strategic directions, goals and objectives of the Company for a five-year period.




Assistance to the innovative development of the agro-industrial complex of the Republic of Kazakhstan through an increase in the practical effect of agrarian science and the provision of the agricultural sector with highly qualified professional.




By 2023, NASEC will develop into an international scientific and educational organization that will unite research organizations and universities, offering scientific and technical solutions to practical problems of the agrarian industry and providing the industry with professional personnel trained with the standards of the leading agricultural universities of the world.


Affiliated research organizations will provide:


- Outcomes of research on global trends and critical risks for the agroindustrial complex of Kazakhstan;


- participants of the agrarian industry with scientific solutions to increase labor productivity and improve the efficiency of production processes.


NASEC will implement Extension centers and demonstrate advanced agricultural technologies, as well as provide scientific support, consulting and technology transfer across the regions of Kazakhstan.


The scientists of the agricultural industry will be actively involved with the international agrarian science community through training and internships in leading foreign research organizations as well as conducting joint research at the international level.


Universities will train highly qualified personnel in accordance with international practice and the labor market demand. Graduates of agricultural universities will be fluent in English and have the knowledge of similar graduates from leading agricultural universities in the world.



Strategic development directions of the nonprofit NASEC JSC


In order to fulfill the mission, develop NASEC into an internationally recognized scientific and educational organization and bring practical effect for the agricultural industry of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the following strategic directions will be implemented (Fig. 1):


  1. increasing the economic effectiveness of agrarian science for the agricultural industry of the Republic of Kazakhstan by bringing it closer to the international level and integrating it into the international research environment;
  2. increasing the efficiency of Extension centers in the agro-industrial complex
  3. providing the agricultural industry with highly qualified personnel;
  4. institutional development of the NASEC JSC.




Fig. 1 Structure of the Company's strategic initiatives




In the framework of the strategic direction 1. “increasing the economic effectiveness of agrarian science for the agricultural industry of the Republic of Kazakhstan by bringing it closer to the international level and integrating it into the international research environment” the following initiatives will be implemented:


  • increasing the share of research funding through attracting international grants, programs and funds from agribusiness;
  • increase productivity and profitability;
  • the introduction of the benchmark system in research institutes in order to integrate international practice and integration into the international research environment;

        - Modernization of laboratories in order to improve the quality of research and their recognition at the international level;

  • development of the International Science Center in order to improve the competence and quality of research to an international level;
  • the creation of the National Bank of genetic resources of plant, animal origin and microorganisms in order to ensure food security and sustainable agricultural development;
  • distribution of subsidiaries (hereinafter referred to as subsidiaries) of the Company as part of strategic initiatives.

Within the framework of strategic direction 2. “Improving the efficiency of extension centers in the agro-industrial complex” initiatives will be implemented to organize knowledge centers, identify demonstration plots, select specialists and experts to work on them, including by attracting foreign experts. The development of innovative business activities in the NASEC group will be considered in order to increase the economic profitability of scientific activities and integration with the generally accepted innovative business system in the world.


 Within the framework of strategic direction 3. “Providing the agricultural industry with highly qualified personnel”, initiatives will be implemented for the transformation of three agricultural universities, including with the involvement of the franchise of leading foreign agricultural universities.


In the framework of the strategic direction 4. “Institutional development of the NASEC” the following major initiatives will be implemented:


  • Improving corporate governance and management;
  • Optimization of the assets of NASEC;
  • Equipping NASEC with material and technical base;
  • Integration of NASEC with the international scientific community.