Tue, 12/22/2020 - 18:59

This bill is aimed at ensuring food security of the country, it provides, in particular, the introduction of the concepts "reserve fund of grain", "operator on the grain market", "management of the reserve fund of grain." It is also proposed to give the authorized body the appropriate competence in regulating the grain market.

It is expected that the amendments made to the law will help stabilize the domestic grain market and increase the productivity of a number of industries through the formation of stocks of seeds and feed, as well as providing the population with affordable grain products by regulating the domestic market and forming regional stabilization funds.

The document also provides for the settlement of the issue of guaranteed provision of the country with food grain in case of emergencies of a natural, man-made and social nature and the introduction of a state of emergency; reimbursement of the costs of JSC "NC" Food Contract Corporation "for storing the reserve fund of grain, determining its status and role in the agro-industrial complex; ensuring food security.

At the same time, the bill is aimed at developing a fodder base for the livestock and poultry industries, increasing the production of high-quality seeds through the formation of seed and fodder funds.

Source: https://agbz.kz/zakon-o-zerne-podpisan-prezidentom/