National agrarian science educational center (NASEC) is a single operator of sustainable interaction of scientific and educational institutions of the agrarian sphere of Kazakhstan with the state and business.

NASEC’s mission is to contribute to the innovative development of the agro-industrial complex of Kazakhstan, including the introduction of innovative approaches in agriculture for increasing the yield of breeds, the creation of demonstration sites on the basis of pilot farms for the approbation and the introduction of new technologies, the local and foreign research for the development of the agro-industrial complex of Kazakhstan, the strengthening and further development of the scientific environment in the agrarian sphere.

To implement its mission, NASEC carries out the following activities:

  1. Increasing the scientific and personnel potential of the agro-industrial complex.
  2. Protection of rights and interests of subsidiaries.
  3. Effective interaction with government bodies.
  4. Effective management of legal entities, whose shares are transferred to the Company, in order to increase the competitiveness and economic efficiency of the agricultural sector, to develop agrarian resources and standards, to stimulate investment and innovation activity in the agrarian sector.
  5. Stimulation of joint research and development activities of pedagogical workers, students.
  6. Development of international cooperation in the field of experimental design, fundamental and applied research of innovative nature in the agro-industrial complex, their commercialization and implementation in Kazakhstan.
  7. Assistance in the promotion of domestic experimental and design work, fundamental and applied research of the agro-industrial complex to foreign markets.
  8. Implementation of international standards by NASEC and its subsidiaries.
  9. Involvement of domestic and foreign investment in the agricultural sector.
  10. Development of incentive measures for agricultural producers that introduce modern production technologies.
  11. Raising the level of Kazakhstan’s agricultural science and education to international quality standards.
  12. Promotion of Kazakh agrarian scientific products (breeds, technologies, etc.) to world and regional markets.
  13. Creation of an effective system for introducing modern scientific developments and innovative technologies into production.
  14. Establishment of a network of regional pilot centers and education centers.
  15. Ensuring the effective use of budgetary funds and the creation of a system for co-financing of scientific developments through extra-budgetary funds.
  16. Creation and development of the infrastructure of agrarian science and education at the world level and ensuring its proper functioning.